Oriental Exposition
  Silk usually has a cotton base. Sometimes however, the base is also silk in which case you will see that the fringe is silk; the cost increases proportionately.

Occasionally, carpets are made on a cotton base, mainly of woolen pile with silk yarn used as highlights on certain motifs.
  Oriental carpets are world renowned for two things - they are hand made and they are always knotted, never tufted. It is extremely instructive to watch a carpet being made.

Stretched tightly on a frame is the warp of Carpet. The weft threads are passed through, the ‘talim’ or design and color specifications are then worked out on this: a strand of yarn is looped through the warp & weft, knotted and then cut. The yarn used normally is silk, wool or silk and wool. Woolen carpets always have a cotton base (Warp
& Weft).
  Kilms also known as tribal carpets are made mostly from shepherd's (nomads) in Central Asia wondering in the mountainous areas of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran etc.

The technique of making kilms is the same as Oriental Silk or Wool Carpets. The design depicts the stories of contemporary history.
  Chain stitch, be it in wool, silk or cotton is done by hook rather than a needle. The hook is referred as an "ari", it covers a much larger area than a needle work in the same amount of time and has the same quality.